[VIDEO] Eritrea – Discussion about how to make Eritrean Women Stronger

ERi-TV: Lively Discussion on How to Empower Women More NEWS NUEW Central Committee conducts 6th regular meeting Asmara, 23 December 2017- The National Union of Eritrean Women conducted assessment meeting of the executive committee and 6th regular meeting of the Central Committee from 18 to 21 December here in the capital. At the meeting activity reports of 2017 were presented by all...

ERi-TV Shingrwa Part 2 – Mendefera – December 9, 2017

ERi-TV Shingrwa / ሸንግርዋ Part II ( Mendefera) - December 9, 2017

[VIDEO] How Did Adi Quala Get Its Name

ERi-TV መደብ ኒሚጎዕ: How Did Adi Quala/ዓዲ ኻላ Get Its Name

Eri TV Live Streaming

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ERITREA Shingrwa – ERi-TV Talent Show – Video Playlist

ERITREA Shingrwa - ERi-TV Talent Show - Video Playlist Eritrea Shingrwa ሺንግርዋ | Eritrean ERi-TV Music

ERiTV Daily News – Video

https://youtu.be/5OoVF3gtdCg?list=PLdzJVF6B3-4kdqlX8I8TfeSvrIVKmpf3O Eri-TV is a state-owned Eritrean television network. Headquartered in the nation's capital Asmara, it broadcasts 24 hours a day. The station offers around-the-clock news bulletins, talk shows, and cultural and educational programs. Eri-TV has a large viewership base outside of Eritrea, which the state-run channel acknowledges and utilizes to communicate with Eritreans living abroad. The network has an estimated 1–2 million weekly viewers....

[VIDEO] The Sad Story of one Family in Eritrea

ERi-TV: መደብ ናትራን - Poverty Stricken Family Battles Mysterious Illness

[VIDEO] Walta : The EPLF Operation Commando and The Maemide Battle

Walta :The EPLF Operation Commando and The Maemide Battle

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