[VIDEO] Eritrea-Where resilience is the enduring mindset


This Film will show the Eritrean People’s ambitious and equally arduous journey to rebuild their war torn nation amidst a changing and hostile global environment. If any peoples to deserve to celebrate their independence in grand style-it is the Eritreans…and they did.

25 May 2016 marked Eritrea’s 25 Independence anniversary, an important milestone in the young nation’s history, a gallant history of triumph over successive colonialists, Ethiopia, being the last and bloodiest. Eritrea’s long and bitter 30 year struggle for independence began in 1961 after the Eritrean peoples’ right to self-determination was denied and peaceful efforts to restore Eritrea’s sovereignty and territorial integrity was denied by the powers to be. The war and endedhen the gallant Eritrean People’s Liberation Army entered triumphantly into Asmara, the nation’s capital on the morning of 24 May 1991.


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