Ghirmay Ghebreslassie is ready for Saucony Egmond Half Marathon in Holland


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During the press conference at Restaurant Zilte Zoen in Egmond aan Zee was today looks ahead to the 19 e AGU Egmond-Pier-Egmond and 45 e Saucony Egmond Half Marathon. Timothy Dupont, Sebastian Langeveld and Pauliena Rooijakkers gazed ahead at AGU Egmond-Pier-Egmond. Ghirmay Ghebreslassie, Abdi Nageeye Michel Butter and expressed their expectations for the Saucony Egmond Half Marathon.

AGU Egmond-Pier-Egmond
The first was look ahead to the beach race on Saturday, where nearly 3,700 participants start. Dupont, who wrote last year’s 17 wins to his name, but was no less than 30 times on the podium, is confident start. “If the beach is hard to lie, it’s like a road race. To grab the victory, I will have to run away from the group itself. Then it’s up to them to close the gap. ”

For Langeveld is AGU Egmond-Pier-Egmond a good gauge of his physical condition. “Or I’m going to win, I do not know, but I will certainly do my best. I expect like other years, a man-to-man finish, the beach is always decisive, “said Langeveld.

It will be a battle between the best Dutch and Belgian riders beach. In the strongest field of participants ever, standing beside Dupont (winner in 2016) and Langeveld (winner in 2009 and 2014) include Dutch Champion beach racing Thijs Zonneveld, Belgian champion beach racing Bert Lerberghe and Egmondermeer Bram Imming at the start.

In the women take the Dutch and Belgian champion, Pauliena Rooijakkers and Grace Verbeke, against each other. Also Roxane Knetemann (winner in 2016) and Nina Kessler participate for profit. Rooijakkers not expect that there’s a track record, “There is enough wind tomorrow, which is a course record difficult. Who is the best in the turnaround, can make a difference, “said Rooijakkers, which was defeated only once in this beach season.

Saucony Egmond Half Marathon
One day later sounds at 12.16 pm the launch of the Saucony Egmond Half Marathon, where 17,800 participants join. Women biting the ball rolling on the expected narrow beach. The biggest kanshebsters the Ethiopian Tijutu Siyum and Balaynesh Shifera and Ivy Kenyan Kibet.

The men started 9:17 minutes later than the women in the context of the traditional male-female competition. The big favorite for victory, Ghimray Ghebreslassie, arrived today in the cold Egmond aan Zee. It will be his debut in the winter classic, but the beach is not new to him, “In Eritrea I sometimes do some training on the beach, but the big difference is the weather.” Sunday should reveal how the Dutch conditions know to go. Its main competitors are from Ethiopia, Dawit Wolde (former winner in 2012 and holds the course record) and Tesfaye Abera (winner Dubai Marathon 2016).

The Dutch Abdi Nageeye should certainly not be overlooked as a contender for the podium. The past two years he managed to stay long in the wake of the leaders with a fourth place. Even now he again has confidence in a good result, “I have trained well and had almost no injuries, so I’m going to give everything. It only remains to be seen. I’m right in my marathon training, so I miss some speed. Hopefully the boys are not as tough start on the beach. ”

Michel Butter also told his story at the press conference. He wants to participate in major marathons and come back into the European summit: “I feel that it goes well, I’ve run a lot of races, but by small injuries, I can not invest enough in my speed.” Butterfield was in Egmond already on stage, in 2009, he was an excellent second behind Wilson Kipsang. Sunday, he gets candid in the game: “Unfortunately, I’ve been pretty cold, but Egmond cancel the last thing I want. My focus is on the Dutch, Africans I will have to let go, unfortunately. ”

Watch live
AGU Egmond-Pier-Egmond is Saturday followed via a live stream on the website: and through the regional broadcaster RTV 80 (Ziggo channel 44). To the station on Sunday also the half marathon broadcast live. On Sunday also shows a summary of the race half marathon in NOS Studio Sport.