Available Now: New documentary film “ERITREA, A STAR IN THE NIGHT OF AFRICA”

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This 90-minutes long documentary film by Fulvio Grimaldi and Sandra Paganini “ERITREA, A STAR IN THE NIGHT OF AFRICA” is ready for distribution in Italian version (English and German versions are coming soon). To purchase it you must ask for a copy of DVD at In response we will explain the conditions for distribution. The DVD copies will be sent by mail.

“ERITREA, A STAR IN THE NIGHT OF AFRICA” is the 22nd documentary film made by the renowned Italian independent investigative journalist Fulvio Grimaldi on the grand geopolitical issues that mark our time, particularly with regard to conflicts between powers that attack and the people who defend themselves.

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The documentary film covers a void of information thus far filled by major media essentially with contributions from pure propaganda aimed at criminalizing a nation that is opposed to the dictates of the Great Powers and international organizations who want to impose the agenda on economic, financial, commercial and military.

The documentary film sets the issue of Eritrea on the background of the global geopolitical situation as is realized in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East. As for the African continent, which, apart from its Arab side running along the Mediterranean, is largely neglected by information and analysis of the Western press, it appears, from a desired general inattention, the revenge of the former European colonial powers, now in tow. It called for a genuine reconquest of Africa by the United States, militarily present in almost all states of the continent. China, India and Russia are also pursuing vigorously other modes and other objectives on the Continent.

In this context, Eritrea, the only country truly sovereign, independent and self-determined area, assumes a particularly important role, because of its crucial strategic location between the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, the Horn of Africa, with a central Ethiopia, the guardian of Western interests in the region, south Somalia, in full chaos among puppet governments, and US and international interventions and liberation instances to the north. And therefore it is heavily maligned by the usual media-political chorus that does not tolerate divergent entities from its exploitation and hegemonic schemes.

The documentary film traces the thirty-years epic liberation struggle of the Eritrean people against the Ethiopian domination supported in various stages, first by the United States, then the USSR — the Struggle of which the author/director was a witness and chronicler of the field since the 1970s. This is then the story of Eritrean independence, sanctioned by referendum in 1993, to the present day, Italy’s heritage, of which Eritrea became the first colony in Africa at the end of 19th century, the current campaign of demonization of the country and its leadership based on lies totally belied by reality, but which gravely affected Eritrea by the heavy US and EU supported UN sanctions.

The central moment of the film is dedicated to Eritrea, which now offers visitors and potential friends and partners, a young country, young people of outstanding natural beauty, a true tourist-paradise beaches of the Red Sea, vertiginous mountains, highlands and lowlands that extend to the savannah and the western semi-desert. It is not rich but socially equitable and engaged in development based on the needs of the population: education, health, ecology, work.

In a continent where the great anti-colonial liberation movements of the past century have betrayed the expectations of their peoples and classes and have mostly produced predatory executives inside and patronages of imperialism, Eritrea is a model of autonomy, self-reliance, dignity and social justice. A model of which powerful interests fear contagion. The campaign of slanders, sanctions, such as the repeated Ethiopian aggression, are the expression of such fear. If you want to make comparisons, Eritrea’s Isaias Afwerki has raised the torch ripped from the hands of the great liberators such as Lumumba, Cabral, Sankara, Nasser, and Gaddafi. Eritrea for the African continent is what was revolutionary Cuba for Latin America. And a light in the dark night not only in Africa, but the world over.

Therefore, it is right, useful and fascinating to know Eritrea, and more importantly, to support it.

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