Eritrea’s Ministry of Health: Additional Public Announcement on COVID-19

Ministry of Health: Additional Public Announcement on COVID-19

Fully cognizant of the grave danger that Corona Virus (COVID-19) potentially poses to the safety of all nationals as well as expatriates in the country, the Ministry of Health, (MoH), had issued four-point guidelines on March 11 last week.  The guidelines focused, primarily, on voluntary travel restrictions from, and to, Eritrea.  The MoH also indicated, in the public announcement of March 11, that it will follow developments and trends closely and issue additional information and guidelines accordingly.

In this respect, and although there is no outbreak of COVID-19 in our country so far, the Ministry of Health issues the following guidelines to all nationals and expatriates residing in the county in view of the rapid spread of the pandemic in our region and the wider world.

1. Every person should refrain from internal as well as foreign travel unless this is for extremely urgent and unavoidable purposes;

2. Every person must avoid, in as much as this is possible, public gatherings;

3. Foreign travel from and to Eritrea has diminished significantly on the basis of the first MoH guidelines issued last week. This will be bolstered further henceforth to fully restrict travel from, and to, Eritrea except in urgent and unavoidable circumstances;

4. The MoH will continue to monitor developments and trends regarding COVID-19 and issue, as necessary, further information and guidelines.

Ministry of Health

16 March 2020