[PETITION] The U​.​S. President Office Must Remove Eritrea from Travel Ban


We members of the Eritrean-American communities in the United States are very disappointed to find out that the peaceful nation of Eritrea is among the countries listed on the latest U.S. travel ban.

President Trump, we understand national security is very important to the United States, as citizens of the U.S. we appreciate your effort in keeping us safe. However, we also know the Eritrean people along with the government Eritrea have worked hard to keep terrorism in all its forms away from Eritrea, as a result Eritrea is the most peaceful country in the Horn of Africa. This is why we believe the travel ban against Eritrea is unwarranted.

Preventing Eritreans from visiting their loved ones in the U.S. is a mistake and does nothing but heart Eritrean-American tax payers. Eritrea has zero tolerance for terrorism.

We implore the U.S. government not to enforce the travel ban against Eritrea. Infact we urge the President’s office to lift the travel ban against Eritrea.

Eritrean-Americans in U.S.A.