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Qatar Charity delivers 100 tons of aid to Sudan flood victims

In the continued cooperation and partnership between Qatar Charity (QC) and Qatar Airways (QA), an aircraft carrying 100 tons of food and medical supplies landed at the Khartoum Airport on Thursday. Qatar Charity, through its field office, began distributing the aid to the flood victims within the framework of the “Peace for Sudan” campaign.

The shipment consists of 70 tons of food aid provided by Qatar Charity, and 30 tons of food and medical assistance given by Monoprix Qatar and Talabat Qatar, .in cooperation with Qatar Airways Qatar Charity continues distributing relief aid to those affected by Sudan’s worst flooding in a century, aiming to reach the largest number of people most in need Qatar Charity has recently carried out many relief interventions in the affected areas of Khartoum State and the southern countryside of Omdurman, where the floods .damaged large areas almost completely Qatar Charity’s teams will carry out a campaign to deliver food and shelter assistance to the affected in the Nile River State in northern Sudan, and then carry out field intervention in Sennar State where homes and properties were damaged.

The aid distribution plan implemented by Qatar Charity is flexible, comprehensive .for the affected areas, and responsive to urgent needs The projects of the first phase of the aid included the delivery of urgent food and shelter materials, primary health care services, and early recovery projects that include rehabilitating homes, schools, health centers, and .water plants and wells The office expected to receive in the coming days other aircrafts carrying materials for shelters, health centers, and schools in the form of tents