90 diplomats called to Ethiopia as Ministry of Foreign Affairs restructures

90 diplomats called to Ethiopia as Ministry of Foreign Affairs restructures

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia seeks to emphasize professionalism as it is undertaking major restructuring

More than 90 diplomats that have been assigned to foreign missions are notified to return to Ethiopia. The ministry of foreign Affairs disclosed the information on its social media yesterday.

The statement from the ministry says that the diplomats who are required to report to the ministry within two months have been serving the country between four and 25 years in embassies and consular offices in overseas.

Explaining the need for restructuring including foreign missions, the ministry stated:

“The main purpose of this Structural Reform and staff deployment is to create 21st century and modern institutions that is able to operate in line with the current progress and status of our country and as well to protect our national interest in this fast change global dynamism.”

The new structure was presented to the Public Service and Human Resources Development before it was submitted to the office of the prime minister where it was approved.

As part of the restructuring program 130 diplomats will be given training and deployed to serve the country in different capacities in embassies and consular offices around the world, according to the information from the ministry.

Unlike in the past when political and ideological loyalty took primacy over competence and professionalism, this time around the embassy rather seems to be emphasizing professionalism. It was customary for the ruling party to assign unpopular, corrupt and incompetent leaders as diplomats.

“The Minister underlined that the Ministry is undertaking new staff deployment based on skills and capabilities to deliver and accomplish the country’s Mission among other, and ensure our National interest in this complex and changing world,” the minister is cited as saying.

If what the statement from Workeneh Gebeyehu, which is shared on social media, is right, the new deployment is expected to foster professionalism in the ministry. Workeneh Gebeyehu has been leading the ministry as Minister since November 2016.

Yet, there seem to be a quota system on the basis of ethnicity which essentially reflects the ideology of the ruling coalition, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).