ERITREA ||| Adhanet stove in the Mainstream of propagation

Adhanet stove in the Mainstream of propagation-Eritrea:

Through the support of ACP-EU Energy Facility II EDF fund, from 2012 to mid-2016, small holding farmers in 34 villages, within three sub-regions of Berik, Gala Nefhi and Serejeka, Maekel region have built 25,000 fuel efficient stoves (Adhanet) and planted 3 million plant seedlings to enhance forestry initiatives in the community enclosures to reverse the threats caused by environment and climate change.

The local authority, central administrative region (Zoba Maekel) of Eritrea played a leading role in executing the project in the targeted sub-regions as planned. Adhanet (saviour) stoves have an extensive coverage – over 92% – in the Maekel region. Women and their families are the prime beneficiaries of the development intervention.

The targeted areas have witnessed the practical benefits gained from efficiency and affordability of energy for household cooking; improvement of health status linked to eyes, respiratory systems and general hygiene of the households, whilst saving bulk quantities of biomass. This indicates improvement to the livelihood and sensitisation to the environment by small holding farmers in the rural areas.