[AUDIO] An exclusive program on 40th anniversary of Radio Dimtsi Hafash

40th anniversary of Dimtsi Hafash observed

Asmara, 03 January 2019 – 40th anniversary of the founding of  Dimtsi Hafash (National Radio) was observed today, 3 January, at a ceremony held at the Hager Media Hall, in the premises of the Ministry of Information. The ceremony was attended by veterans and new members of the national radio.

Indicating that in the past 40 years the Dimtsi Hafash with all the challenges it encountered has been able to disseminate true and objective information to its listeners, Mr. Girmai Berhe, D. G. of the National Radio, said that Dimtsi Hafash has played significant role in the victory of the struggle for independence and safeguarding the national sovereignty, in ensuring social justice, raising the political awareness of citizens as well as participation of the public in the national development drives.

Mr. Girmai went on to say that currently Dimtsi Hafash equipped with modern technology has been able to reach citizens through out the world. Mr. Girmai commending all that worked hard to realize the mission of Dimtsi Hafash through out those years, called for more efforts and contribution for better outcome.

At the event Magazine that was published in connection with the 40th anniversary of the founding of Dimtsi Hafash was distributed to participants.

Dimtsi Hafash established in 1979 in Fah, Sahel, is disseminating programs in the nine Eritrean languages.