New Song by Berhane Semere – Abeba Gual Addis Abeba ft. Layne Tadese

“Abeba Gual Addis Abeba”
Magnificent Duet – Powerful Lyric by Berhane Semere / ft.Layne Tadesse

Music today has a great impact on the listeners than ever. A powerful song can change the world because it can change people – it is not only a reflection but can shape the reality and future and as a form of artistic expression, has the advantage of being very loud: it attracts attention and influences opinion, and it can also educate. The rise of globalisation change our world into small village, it has catalysed the ability to share music across the globe with amazing speed and ease.

The development of large-scale music videos on YouTube also presents a new and more dynamic way to portray musical messages with an additional visual punch. More people are listening and watching than ever. Indeed, it has become clear over the years that music has the power both to epitomise a cultural milieu and shape important historical moments. The role of music during Eritrean struggle for independence, constructive peace, nation building process and also at the present No war No peace situation is immensely clear. No war – No peace situation is mean a war of public diplomacy, a war of soft power.

Bearing this in mind, it is not by accident that the Ethiopian artists are in a business of manufacturing many subversion songs targeting Eritrea with political message hiding in the form of love songs.We can’t ignore it and silence is not the right option. We can’t afford to be spectators while after all it is said, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed”

The Song “Abeba Gual Addis Abeba” is made at the right time to the right voice with a beautifully and solidly crafted hard hit lyric. It is beyond a response to current subversive songs – It is genuine, timely, important, meaningful and relevant with its own original style. One of the most goosebump – inducing song. Berhane Semere – Abeba Gual Addis Abeba ft. Layne Tadese

Berhane Semere – Abeba Gual Addis Abeba ft. Layne Tadese