Eritrea and Ethiopia conferred peace award

Eritrea and Ethiopia conferred peace award

Asmara, 17 June 2019- Schengen Peace Foundation and World Peace Forum conferred the ‘Luxemburg’ Peace Award to Eritrea and Ethiopia for the 2018 initiative to promote peace and outstanding peace achievement.

The awards were received by Mr. Negassi Kassa, Eritrean Ambassador to the European Union and Mr. Grum Abay, Ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to Luxemburg.

At the ceremony conducted at the European Union Parliament Hall, Ambassador Negassi said that the peace agreement signed between Eritrea and Ethiopia has paramount importance for the two countries and the Horn of Africa region at large for sustainable peace and security, economic growth and regional cooperation.

Ambassador Negassi went on to say that the people and Government of Eritrea are committed to consolidate and sustain the peace agreement and redouble effort to recoup the lost time and opportunities and dcalled upon partners and friends as well as the international community for their solidarity and support.

The Luxemburg Peace Award is a joint prize awarded by the World Peace Forum and the Schengen Peace Foundation that is conferred for outstanding contribution for peace.