Eritrea : Crops in Om Hajer reported in good condition

#Eritrea : Crops in Om Hajer reported in good condition

Barentu, 20 September 2017- Crops that are cultivated by the Eritrean Livestock and Crops Corporation on 3,200 hectares of land in Omhajer are in good condition. Mr. Hailezgi Habte, head of Agricultural development in the South West zone, indicated that owing to the ample rainfall and no sign of pests bountiful harvest is expected.

Mr. Hailezgi indicating that the Ketay Agricultural plantation project, which began operation 2011, conducts its farming activities by the members of the EDF and and the Popular Forces in the area.

He further said that effort is being exerted to further expand the agricultural activity in the area and that preparation is underway to cultivate 30 thousand hectares of land through rainfall and irrigation.

The residents on their part said that the big development projects in their area will have significant contribution in improving their livelihood and expressed readiness to play due role in the development of agricultural activities.