Eritrea, make the Nat Geo Cool List 2019

Eritrea, Uganda, others, make the Nat Geo Cool List 2019

The KwaZulu Natal province in South Africa, Eritrea, Uganda and Zimbabwe are among  19 destinations listed as must sees in 2019. The countries were named in the Nat Geo Cool List 2019 for tourists and travellers to know to visit them.

The Cool List, which is compiled by National Geographic, finally includes some new destinations which were considered off-limits some years ago. One of such locations is Eritrea.

The Nat Geo Cool List 2019


This is one of the countries that have just recently decided to open their borders to tourists and other parts of the world. The little African country was once a colony of Italy and its capital city Asmara holds some of the greatest architectural designs and buildings ever seen.

The entire city was declared a world heritage site in the year 2017 by UNESCO. 


Zambezi’s national park is one of the tourist centers frequently visited in the country and is located just three miles away from another national tourist centre, the Victoria falls which is the most popular tourist center in Zimbabwe and hosts a lot of tourists from all over the world yearly.

South Africa

The KwaZulu Natal county in South Africa is popular for its big wild life which you can run into anywhere such as hippos, rhinos and elephant herds that stay in the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi park. 

Some other destinations that made it to the Nat Geo Cool List 2019 are Cambodia, Antarctica, Pittsburgh in the US, and Setouchi in Japan.