ERITREA : President Isaias Receives Credentials of Six Ambassadors

President Isaias Receives Credentials of Six Ambassadors

Asmara, 19 December 2017 – President Isaias Afwerki today received the credentials of Ms. Susan Ngongi-Namondo, United Nations Resident Coordinator; Mr. Toshitsugu Uesawa of Japan; Mr. Michael-Christos Diammesis of the Hellenic Republic; Ms. Agrina Mussa of the Republic of Malawi; Mr. Daniel Cavegn of the Swiss Confederation; and, Mr. Ramiah Yogarajan of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. The ceremonies took place at the Denden Guest House here in the capital.

In the meeting with the UN Resident Coordinator, Ms. Susan Ngongi-Namondo, President Isaias emphasized the need for UN agencies in Africa to seek ways and means of resolving the underlying problems rather than limiting their activities to the mere mitigation of humanitarian challenges entailed by drought, hunger and conflicts. In this regard, President Isaias noted the priority and importance that should be accorded to capacity building to enhance the objectives of development and self-reliance in the continent which is endowed with rich natural and human resources.

President Isaias underlined the higher dividends that accrue from Japanese investment in Africa in his meeting with Ambassador Toshitsugu Uesawa. Relief assistance has marginal impact and what Africa really needs from a resilient Japan that rose to prominence from the huge devastation it suffered in the Second World is its expertise and experiences.

Noting the impressive development Japan has registered through the hard work and rich tradition of its people in overcoming the devastation it sustained in World War II, President Isaias underlined that Africa needs Japanese experience and knowledge, apart from humanitarian aid.

In his meeting with the Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation, President Isaias dwelt on the scourge of illegal migration and human trafficking. President Isaias noted that the global crime of illegal migration and human trafficking, stoked by various parties, constitutes an abominable act of slavery in the 21st Century. As such, it warrants collective action. Eritrea has been pressing for an independent, transparent, and accountable investigation of this crime with the involvement of the United Nations, President Isaias stated. The President re-affirmed Eritrea’s unreserved readiness to cooperate in this legal process. Eritrea does not contemplate illicit and fruitless bilateral mechanisms to address this multi-faceted issue, President Isaias stressed.

President Isaias similarly discussed the enhancement of bilateral ties in his meetings with the Ambassadors of the Hellenic Republic, the Republic of Malawi, and the Republic of Sri Lanka.