[ERITREA] Repetition does not render utter lies credible

Repetition does not render utter lies credible

The “Minister of Information” of the Huthis made a preposterous accusation against Eritrea via  Tehran-financed “Meyadin” Arabic Tv Channel on March 24 last month.

In his ludicrous invective, the Huthi official claims that “four remnant brigades of ISIL and Al-Qaeda are regrouping in Eritrea after their latest defeat in Turkey”.  Their aim is “to scuttle the Hodeida Agreement”, he opines.

It is perhaps unfitting to respond to such trite disinformation – which is not different, in style and intentions –  from Al-Jeezera’s false news on Assab broadcast earlier last month.

Clearly, all these repeated lies underscore the sinister agenda of its assorted peddlers.   Eritrea’s robust stance and decades-old struggle against terrorism and Islamist extremism is otherwise a matter of record and well-known to both its friends and detractors.

Eritrean News Agency
4 April 2019