Eritrea requires provision of electricity distribution materials

Eritrea requires provision of electricity distribution materials

The European Union is calling both local and foreign individuals and consortium bidders, which are effectively established in a Member State of the European Union or in an eligible country or territory, for the supply of electricity distribution materials/equipment for the Areza Maidma solar PV mini-grid project in Eritrea.

All supplies and materials under this contract shall originate from one or more of those eligible countries.

Tender information for electricity distribution materials

The project is a 2,7MW solar PV mini-grid system to supply power to two rural towns and surrounding villages.

The project has two main components, the energy generation system (will be tendered separately) and the distribution system.

The Eritrea Electricity Corporation (EEC) will be constructing the distribution system with materials and equipment procured through this tender.

The tender is divided into three lots by supply and type of distribution materials, namely:

Lot 1: wooden pole and accessories, tools, insulators, and stay
Lot 2: transformer and accessories, meters, breakers and earthing accessories
Lot 3: wires and cables and connectors

Please note that no information meeting is scheduled for this tender. Bidders with questions regarding this tender should send them in writing to:

Mr Tesfai Gheberehiwot,

Project Manager and Director,

Renewable Energy Centre, Ministry of Energy and Mines,

PO Box 5285, Asmara,