Eritrean MoI Yemane G. Meskel responded to Ethiopian statement

1 – “If UNSC decisions were based on legality and justice, punitive sanctions should have long been applied to Ethiopia, circa 2002, for its flagrant violations of z Algiers Peace Agreement – guaranteed by the UNSC – & the UN Charter on z sovereignty and integrity of UN Member States”

2 – “The truth is z illicit sanctions – that had no basis in law or fact – were imposed against Eritrea in 2009 to serve z political agendas/perceived interests of z US Administration at the time.The underlying calculus transcended the inconsequential wranglings of the TPLF regime.”

3 – “Ethiopia’s State Minister for Foreign Affairs has blabbered about z “need to maintain” z illicit sanctions on Eritrea to the visiting UNSC/Monitoring Group. She must be living in Cuckoo’s land if she really believes that Ethiopia had, or has, any diplomatic clout in this matter”