Eritrean Nationals abroad conduct seminars

Nationals abroad conduct seminars

Asmara, 03 Jun 2019 – Eritrean nationals residing in London, UK, and several cities of France including Nantes and Rennes as well as Kampala and its environs, Uganda organized seminars on the objective situation in the homeland and regional developments.

According to report, at a seminar conducted on 1 June in London, Ambassador of Eritrea to the UK and North Ireland, Mr. Estifanos Habtemariam stated that the people and Government of Eritrea foiling various external conspiracies are engaged in the implementation of big infrastructure activities including in the sectors of human resources, agriculture, health and education that could play pivotal role in ensuring social justice and well being of citizens.

Pointing out that the unfolding era of peace, mutual cooperation and partnership in the Horn of Africa creates socio-economic, political and diplomatic developments in the region; Ambassador Estifanos called for the sustainability of the commitment and resilience of the Eritrean people in realizing the desired goal. He also called for organizing such seminars aimed at raising the awareness and steadfastness of citizens.

Mr. Suleman Hassan, head of Consular Affairs on his part gave briefing on consular services and on the introduction of new Eritrean identity card.

In related news, at a seminar organized to Eritrean nationals residing in French cities of Nantes, Rennes and others on 1 June, Ambassador of Eritrea to France, Ms. Hana Simon, gave extensive briefing on national development plans as well as on the activities being exerted to enhance the peace and cooperation prevailing in the Horn of Africa.

Likewise, speaking to nationals in Kampala and its environs, Ambassador of Eritrea to Uganda, Mr. Mohammed Suleman pointing out that strong resilience and steadfastness the Eritrean people and its leadership demonstrated in the past 20 years, underlined that those were among the noble cultural values that contributed in realizing the national vision.

Participants on their part called for the organization of similar seminars aimed at enhancing their awareness and contribution in national affairs and development endeavors.