Eritrean nationals in diaspora contributed 187,238.75 US dollars

Financial support to ENWD

Eritrean nationals residing in various countries contributed 187,238.75 US dollars in support of the Eritrean National War Disabled Veterans Association.

Mr. Gebrebrhan Eyasu, Chairman of the association, commended the Pal Talk ‘EPLF-PFDJ Vision Room’ for their contribution and said that the contribution will have significant contribution in improving the lives of members and especially that of the elderly veterans.

Representing the Pal Talk ‘EPLF-PFDJ Vision Room’, Dr. Fikak Hibties, Ms. Elsa Russom, from the US and the UK respectively said that supporting the war disable veterans is not to be left to the government only and called on citizens to shoulder the responsibility.

The Pal Talk ‘EPLF-PFDJ Vision Room’ has been contributing in support of the Eritrean National War-disabled Veterans Association and in augmenting the Martyrs Trust Fund.

The Pal Talk ‘EPLF-PFDJ Vision Room’ comprises Eritrean nationals residing in the Middle East, the US, Canada, European and African countries.