Eritrean – US rapper Nipsey Hussle shot dead – May his soul R.I.P.

US rapper Nipsey Hussle shot dead outside LA store

The Grammy-nominated rapper was killed outside of his clothing store in Los Angeles. His death prompted an outpouring of grief from hip-hop giants and other celebrities. “We lost a great musician,” LA officials said.

Nipsey Hussle, a 33-year-old Grammy-nominated rapper, was shot and killed in the US city of Los Angeles authorities said on Sunday.

Hussle, whose real name is Ermias Asghedom, was highly respected among the hip-hop community and in south Los Angeles where he grew up.

What happened:

LA police said three men were shot outside of Marathon Clothing, a store owned by Hussle.

Hussle was killed, but the two others are in stable condition.

According to local media, the rapper was shot at close range by a man who fled the scene in a getaway car. The suspect is reportedly still at large.

Hours before his death, Hussle tweeted: “Having strong enemies is a blessing.”

A crowd of fans and local residents gathered outside the police lines at the site of the shooting and laid flowers.

‘Extremely saddened’

Extremely saddened to hear the news of the tragic and untimely death of iconic recording artist/entrepreneur Ermias Asgedom (Nipsey Hussle). RIP & condolences to his family. (Nipsey visited his home country in April last year; Profile interview attached)

‘This doesn’t make any sense’

News of Hussle’s death prompted an outpouring of grief and tributes from fellow celebrities and LA city officials on social media.

“This doesn’t make any sense!” superstar Rihanna wrote on Twitter, posting pictures of Hussle with his daughter and his fiance, actress Lauren London. “I’m so sorry this happened to you.”

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted his condolences, writing that “LA is hurt deeply each time a young life is lost to senseless gun violence.”

Rapper Snoop Dog offered his condolences to Hussle’s family in videos posted on Instagram, saying “This [stuff has] got to stop man.”

Rising star

Hussle, an Eritrean-American, was born in the southern Los Angeles neighborhood of Crenshaw in 1985. In interviews, he spoke about growing up intertwined with LA gang culture and his involvement in the notorious Crips gang.

He was famous in the underground rap scene, selling his own mixtapes out of the back of his car — with rap superstar Jay-Z once buying 100 of Hussle’s CDs for $100 (€89) each.

Hussle’s debut album “Victory Lap” was one of the nominees for best rap album at the Grammy Awards this year. The rapper attended the award ceremony with his daughter.