Father Mussie Yosief Zerai was accused of ‘contest in drugged drugs of a hashish type’

This is the rough translation of the report regardin Father Mussie Yosief Zerai

It is not the first time that the events of Father Mussie Yosief Zerai attract the attention of the press. It was Fausto Biloslavo, from the pages of Panorama, who wrote that “the drug business has never been mentioned in the biographies of Zerai, who also could have played the card of redemption with the cassock.” Today, however, it is The Truth to publish on the front page two documents that make the storm of the parish priest explode.

the newspaper always reports instead a summary of the “outcome of the sentence”. “We have the number of the general register of crime reports (the Zerai file is 6939 of 1994) and the register of the investigating magistrate’s office (7307/94)”, reports La Verità. incongruity: the date of birth of Zerai in the second act is different from that in the first document, or June 25, 1975.

As reported in the act, “Yosief Mussie Zerai – writes The Truth – was accused of ‘contest in drugged drugs of a hashish type’ with a woman (very probably Eritrea too).” The judge allegedly declared “Zerai guilty, and for the choice of the abbreviated rite he sentenced him to two years of imprisonment and a fine of 10 million lire. In the final part of the sentence it is also reported that the expulsion of Zerai from the Italian territory would have been ordered “under penalty of expiation”. The parish priest, contacted by La Verità, would not for now comment on what was reported by the newspaper.

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