Italy to fund the feasibility study cost for Eritrea-Ethiopia Railway Project


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Prime Minister of Italy Guiseppe Conte expressed his government’s interest to cover the feasibility study cost for the railway project that links Addis Ababa with Massawa of Eritrea.

He made the remark today after meeting Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia who is on official visit to Rome. Commenting on Italy’s support, Prime Minister Abiy expressed his gratitude for the government of Italy.

“We are excited and accept with great honor Italia’s plan to extend support our plan to link Addis Ababa with Massawa via railway,” Prime Minister Abiy said.

Prime Minister Conte has also expressed his government’s plan to extend support to the soldiers returning from the Ethiopia-Eritrea border following the peace agreement between the two east African neighbors.

Most of Ethiopia’s hydropower dams including the around $6 billion Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dan under construction, are built by the Italian company, Salini Impregilo.

Source: https://hiiraan.com/news4/2019/Jan/161971/italy_to_build_ethiopia_eritrea_railway_link.aspx