May your soul Rest in Peace Brother

May your soul Rest in Peace Brother

Missing Abel Gerezgeher (19) from Eritrea found dead

TILBURG – The 19-year-old Abel Garazgeher Mangstab from Tilburg Holland was found dead Thursday morning, the police said. The boy has been missing since December 16.

Abel Garazgeher Mangstab was last seen by his roommate. A few hours later he bought shoes in Tilburg. The police state that there is no question of a crime.


Earlier Missing Announcement

Help us to Trace, Abel Gerezgiher – a missing young Eritrean Boy in the Netherlands.

Mdrebahri.com would like to ask all Eritreans and other people of goodwill, especially those who live in the Netherlands and in neighboring countries, to help in providing information that might lead to the whereabouts of missing 19-year-old Abel Gerezgiher, or reveal whether he is alive or dead.

Abel Gerezgiher is one of those brave young Eritrean boys who made a perilous journey from Sudan through the desert to Libya and then in a dinghy to the shores of Europe, as so many Eritreans do in their desperate attempt to escape the tyrannical regime in Eritrea.

He finally reached the Netherlands and was living there as a refugee until the day he was declared missing.

Abel was last seen in Tilburg, Netherlands, on December 16, 2019. However, since then his whereabouts have been unknown. Police in the Netherlands are actively searching for him but their efforts have so far been unsuccessful.

His brother, who also lives in the Netherlands, and other family members elsewhere are waiting anxiously for news about him.

Abel Gerezgiher is about 1.6 meters tall, aged 19 and belongs to the Tigrinya-speaking ethnic group in Eritrea.

Anyone with information that can help to locate him should contact his brother, Filmon, on the following mobile number: 0031-685659187

You can also contact us at Mdrebahri@gmail.com

Thank you for your solidarity.

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis