[VIDEO-Reportage] Protest by Ethiopians and Eritreans in Washington DC

Protest by Eritreans and Ethiopians in Washington DC condemned dissemination of false information and European Union and the US intervention in Ethiopia and the region.

Tens of thousands of Ethiopians and Eritreans in the United States protested European Union and the US intervention in the  Horn of Africa.

The protestors also opposed what they say is a well-funded misinformation campaign by remnants of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and their supporters in the Diaspora.

They carried placards saying “New York Times, CNN, Reuters  stop disseminating fake news for money!”

The protest was staged in front of the US State department in Washington DC chanting slogans that call for an end to political intervention in Ethiopia.

There was a similar protest in London, Ontario, Canada.

“America ! Get your own house in order first and stay out of Ethiopia and Ethiopian Politics”, and “USA & Europe Stop interfering in Ethiopian/African internal problems. We can solve our internal issues,’ were among the slogans that protestors chanted in front of the US state department in Washington DC.