[R.I.P.] Eritrean Tirhas 33 was killed in Norway, the Husband is the Suspect

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Police theory: Killed in the family home – dumped in the shoreline

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Police believe her husband (34) may have killed the wife of Tirha’s Tekle Kifllay, 33, in the family home in Trondheim, before he carried her away and dumped the body in the shoreline – a mile away.

Over the past few days, police criminals have investigated several locations in the search for the scene of the murder of the 33-year-old four-year-old mother from Eritrea.

One of the main theories now is that the 33-year-old was killed in the family home, which is south of Trondheim city center, VG informed.

– I don’t want to comment on that. We have not concluded, and the Crimean technical work is still ongoing, says investigative director John Ola Volden to VG.

Police technicians have so far combed the fine site, which is on a steep slope in Trolla, between county road 715 and Trondheimsfjord.

Hair, skin cells, blood or other types of DNA can nail her husband in the murder charge taken against him. The same can be fingerprints, footprints and patterns from car tires.

The same surveys have been done by the family car. According to VG’s information, the murdered husband is registered with a Mitsubishi passenger car, 2010 model.

– These are natural places. We believe that she has not been alive after March 28, but I cannot comment on the reason for this at this time, as there are, among other things, more interrogations of the accused, says Volden.

The murder victim has been in two interrogations, where he has mostly explained himself freely about the serious criminal case. The 34-year-old refuses criminal charges.

“He refuses to have anything to do with the death and has no answer to what may have happened,” the defendant’s lawyer, attorney Kolbjørn Lium, told NTB.

The defender does not want to comment on the content of the client’s questioning. Lium did not respond to VG’s inquiries on Thursday.

Her husband has not previously been convicted of anything and has only incurred traffic fines.

The killers work at the bakery

Police believe that the last sure sign of life of the deceased four-year-old mother was March 27. Four days after that day, the now murdered husband contacted the police. In the conversation, the 34-year-old said his wife had been away from the family home for three days.

He also told of the reason she was gone, according to police.

Over the next seven days, her husband is in contact with Trondheim police several times, but no information appears to indicate that the four-year-old mother was a criminal offender.

– I do not want to comment on the content of the conversations with her husband, investigators say.

According to VG’s information, the murdered husband is employed as a caller at a bakery in the Trondheim area, but it is unclear if he has been at work in the days when his wife was gone.

The deceased Tirha’s Tekle Kifllay has four minor children, two of whom are with the murdered husband. She has also been registered as a bakery worker, according to VG’s information.

Assistant attorney Sigrun Dybvad did not respond to VG’s inquiries on Thursday.

The murdered husband was jailed for four weeks in Sør-Trøndelag District Court on Thursday.