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On Tuesday, April 21, 2020, Kahesai Mosazghi and Tsegereda Tekie received news from the police stating their son, Nahum Kahesai Hentsa Mosazghi passed away. Nahum died at 20 years old, leaving behind his mother, Tesgereda, his father, Kahesai, and 4 siblings, Felmon (25), Simona (24), Deborah (18), and Samuel (16).

We are left in complete shock, confusion, and indescribable grief. Nahum grew up passionate about God, overcoming generational obstacles, and building a bridge between the American and Eritrean culture. After he graduated high school in 2018, he began his college education at George Mason University and had plans to pursue a career in political science. His overall goal was to return to Eritrea to contribute to the growth of the country.

Nahum was the rock of the family. His spirit was pure, loving, caring, energetic and extremely driven.

During this challenging and painful time, we are in need of immense support from the community. As we are all aware, the outside circumstances concerning COVID-19 have placed immense limitations in the proper grievance and burial of Nahum. We are establishing this to raise funds for hospital, funeral and unforeseen family expenses at this time. We appreciate any financial support at this time and ask that you keep Nahum and our family in your prayers.