Response to the 100 or so African comprador intelligentsia sellouts who recently wrote an “open letter” to the President of Eritrea:

Response to the 100 or so #African comprador intelligentsia sellouts who recently wrote an “open letter” to the President of #Eritrea:

By Elias Amare

Dear #100AfricanTraitors,

Having read your mendacious “open letter” to our President, we were astounded at your sheer hypocrisy.

We are obliged to ask you some basic questions, since it appears that your knowledge of Eritrea, its people, its culture, its history and its glorious struggle is scant, to say the least.

Where were you during Eritrea’s bitter 30-years long war of independence, when our just struggle against Ethiopia supported by the mighty of this world, first by the U.S. and later by the U.S.S.R., and against overwhelming odds, was in great need of solidarity and moral support from #Africa?

Where were you when successive Ethiopian regimes conducted a genocidal war on Eritrea in which over 100 thousand of Eritrean civilians were brutally massacred, thousands of Eritrean villages razed, women raped, children bayoneted, by the Ethiopian army of occupation, and over 100 thousand Eritreans fled their homeland to be refugees in the Sudan between 1961 and 1991?

No thanks to your support, Eritrea finally won its independence against all odds in 1991 and was immediately focused on nation-building and reconstruction of its war-torn economy. But where were you when the #TPLF minority regime of Ethiopia launched a second war of invasion and reconquest against Eritrea in 1998?

Where were you when same TPLF minority regime of Ethiopia led by Meles Zenawi conducted in 1998 to 2000 the cruel ethnic-cleansing of 80 thousand Eritreans—and Ethiopians who had Eritrean ancestry—who lived for decades and generations in Ethiopia, and had their properties looted and confiscated?

Where were you when the TPLF army of Ethiopia, at the height of its last phase of the war in May-June 2000, penetrating into the border areas of Eritrea, committed war crimes and crimes against humanity on the civilian Eritrean population, such as rape, wanton killing, destruction of historical sites, churches and mosques; desecration of sacred martyrs cemeteries; looting and plundering of civilian property, and destruction of economic infrastructure on a massive scale?

After the failure of its invasion of Eritrea (1998 – 2000), Ethiopia was obliged to sign the Algiers Peace Treaty with Eritrea. Subsequently, an arbitration court called the Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission based at The Hague, having heard the arguments from both sides on their claims and counter-claims over the “border dispute”, rendered its “final & binding” verdict and awarded Badme, the flashpoint of the conflict, to Eritrea on 13 April 2002. But Ethiopia, in violation of the peace agreement, refused to abide by this international court’s ruling and continued to occupy sovereign Eritrean territories. Where were you then?

When Ethiopia invaded #Somalia in 2006, Eritrea was the only country which protested this aggression against a sovereign brotherly African nation. For its lone, just and principled stand, Eritrea was unjustly punished and illegally put under US-engineered #sanctions at #UN Security Council in December 2009, which continued up to November 2018, causing untold economic suffering and deprivation on the Eritrean people. Where were you then?

And now, after all this long suffering and great sacrifice, when Eritrea emerged victorious against all odds and won the peace, you have the temerity to come out of your hiding place of deafening silence to sermonize to Eritrea about justice and democracy and create some fracas against it!

You are, truly, a pathetic lot. You should be ashamed to participate in a #propaganda campaign of demonization against Eritrea, a truly independent country in Africa with good, dedicated, wise and corruption-free leadership.

But since you have no shame, we have only five words for you:

Hands Off Eritrea! Buzz Off!

Sincerely & With Dignity,