Urgent help needed to an Eritrean Family, Please Help !

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Dear brothers and sisters,

It is beyond all telling to describe the devastating story of this family, who struggled tremendously hard for 38 years to face their incredible challenge in life. A mother of 70 years old taking care of her four beloved daughters, completely paralyzed and physically incapable of maintaining themselves. A single mom with her beloved son faced this challenge for so long. At an age when this elderly woman would have been taken care of, she is still moving on her mission to take care of her four helpless daughters in a way that is hard to imagine and that words can not express.

What then can be done in human ability to share this hardship of life that may give a little relief to this family from their relentless life? One thing is demanded of every human being, to show respect to life and its Creator, by sharing each other’s burdens. Let’s show our COMPASSION and take our share of their challenge through unceasing prayer and contributing what we can, for the betterment of their life. Under the heavenly, all they are seeking for is a little place to stay in Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea, equipped with rest room and easier transportation access, to pursue the needed medical care. This will take away a huge burden from their mom’s shoulders, who has to carry out the waste dumping duties several times on a daily basis. If we intend to do our part, God will surely provide the way out.

We have contacted the son and he told us that many have already initiated to undertake their heart felt compassion and contribution. It also seemed to us good to start raising funds and every single penny will be destined to their benefit. If anybody wants to contact them, here are the phone numbers that they could be reached at:

002917488247 or 002917507509

God bless you all and we appreciate your kind regards.

Fund raising team