[VIDEO] Azel Pharmaceutical Factory meets 35% of Eritrean medicine demand

Azel Pharmaceutical Factory meets 35% of nation medicine demand

Keren, 11 March 2018 – The Azel Pharmaceutical Share Company, which was established in Keren 10 years back is covering 40 percent of the nation’s domestic medicine demand Mr. Misgina Tekleab, Manager of the factory indicated.

Mr. Misgina also stated that the company when fully operational has the potential of meeting 60% of the nation’s domestic medicine demand.

In his report to Erina, Mr. Misgina indicated that medicine production in Eritrea started during the armed struggle for liberation and that after independence the Eritrean Government in cooperation with Jordanian Medicine Factory established the Azel Pharmaceutical Factory in 2003 and the outcome is commendable.

Mr. Misgina stated that the objective and significant importance of producing medicines with in a country include supplying the domestic market demand from a closer location, providing medicines at fair price, preventing the flow of sub-standard and counterfeit medicines to the country, as well as contributing in the country’s economic and industrial capacity among others.

Pointing that Azel Pharmaceutical Share Company is producing around 50 types of medicines with prior importance in our country, Mr. Misgina explained that the company is working to expand the range of drugs it produces, to enhance the quality of the medicines in cooperation with foreign medicine producing companies, as well as ensuring the quantity and quality of production for export.

Azel, which is 58% government and 42% Jordanian medicine factory owned Pharmaceutical Share Company, is playing its due part in ensuring public health and providing medicine at fair price.