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NUEW Central Committee conducts 6th regular meeting

Asmara, 23 December 2017- The National Union of Eritrean Women conducted assessment meeting of the executive committee and 6th regular meeting of the Central Committee from 18 to 21 December here in the capital.

At the meeting activity reports of 2017 were presented by all the regions, as well as by branches from Europe, Saudi Arabia and Sudan.

At the meeting extensive discussion was conducted on the effort exerted to strengthen organizational capacity, the progress to identify and remedy on females school dropouts, the assistance made to needy women as well as the opportunity provided in terms of micro-credit program and trainings, efforts made to empower women among others.

Indicating that big programs have been implemented in 2017 aimed at improving the lives of women, the President of NUEW, Ms. Tekea Tesfamicael called for strong effort to preserve the achievements registered and to minimize shortcomings for better outcome.

The participants adopted activity plan for 2018 that includes strengthening women’s participation in the political sector, participation of women in academic education and vocational trainings, ensuring health service provision, reinforcing women’s participation in the national development drives, development of the NUEW’s training centers, strengthening public diplomacy activities as well as developing productivity of the youth in all sectors.