[VIDEO] Reportage of the Eritrean Demonstration in Holland


On the 13th of March 2018, Dutch-Eritreans are demonstrating before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the House of Representatives in The Hague. This demonstration is an initiative of Dutch citizens of Eritrean descent.

The aim of the demonstration is to express the unjust manner in which Dutch citizens of Eritrean descent has been treated by the Dutch government in recent years. The unjust policies and decisions of the Dutch government, which are related to matters of Dutch- Eritreans, are often based of unilateral, unverified and recycled media reports.

The sources are generally anonymous and/or based on self-crowned“experts”. This “smear campaign” leads, slowly but surely, to the exclusion of Dutch citizens with Eritrean descent from matters that concerns them most.

The Eritrean community in the Netherlands urges the Dutch government hereby for equal treatmentas provided for by the Dutch constitution and it requests more impartiality, objectivity and involvement in the policymaking process. This can be achieved by simply talking with the Eritrean community instead of exclusively about the Eritreancommunity in the Netherlands.

If there are questions about this demonstration and its aim, please contact the organization via e-mail address:comiteeritresedemonstratie@outlook.com

Demonstration organizing committee
The Netherlands