[VIDEO] Who is beautiful? AFRICA, The journalist Julia in Ethiopia

The journalist Julia Held is on a mission. Her goal is to find out who in the world is beautiful. She also wants to find out what people around the world are willing to do for her ideal of beauty. This episode takes Julia Held to Africa: to Ethiopia, Uganda and the Republic of Congo.

The journey of the journalist Julia Held begins in Africa: The Ethiopians are generally considered the most beautiful people in the world. It is not for nothing that Ethiopians have become world famous as models. Julia Held strives to keep up with fashion training, and learns for herself why Ethiopians sit for hours with butter smeared on smoky stoves. In rural Uganda, Julia Held watches a bride gain weight before the wedding. In Brazzaville, Congo, she meets some so-called Sapeurs – members of the “Association of Elegant Persons” that has existed since colonial times. You teach the reporter how to dress perfectly.

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