95% of the main construction of the Gahtelai dam has been finalized


Construction of Gahtelai dam

Massawa, 27 February 2020- 95% of the main construction of the Gahtelai dam that began in 2016 by Gedem Construction Company has been finalized. The report was made by Mr. Daniel Mebrahtu, coordinator of the project. Gahtelai dam is located in Gahtelai sub-zone, Northern Red Sea region.

Indicating that the Gahtelai dam is expected to alleviate the potable water supply problem in the area in general and that of the port city of Massawa as well as significantly contribute in the agricultural activities in the area, Mr. Daniel said that the Government has deployed adequate human power and machinery for timely completion of the project.

Mr. Daniel indicated that the dam has the capacity of collecting from 46 to 50 million meter cubic water and cultivating 10 thousand hectares of land.