[ETHIOPIA] 34 TPLF finance institutions has banned

The FDRE Attorney General has announced that 34 TPLF finance institutions has banned.

34 TPLF finance institutions have announced that they have blocked bank account number.
Sur construction, Guna business, Transport Ethiopia, Mesfin Industrial Engineering, Peace Public Transportation, Mega Printing, EFERT, some of their personal organization and Efert Electrical Business money are among the institutions that were banned.

Ezana Maeden Development, Valocity April, Mesobe Building Works, Saba Stone, FM Exporations, Meganet Corporation, Kathrina Sheba Tannerinam included in the ban.

Among the proclamations that the prime minister has done at work, the proclamation number 882/2007 and the other proclamation has thrown the ban.

Director General Alemnie said that in the name of these institutions have been banned from bank accounts that were found in the name of the federal attorney general.

The prime minister has said that these organizations have been suspected of ethnic attacks and terrorist system to destroy the constitutional system by doing finance and creating relations with corruption.

The information that was found from the attorney General of the 34 institutions and Mesobe Cement has shared with the voice of Woyane mass media.

According to this, Woyane’s voice has reported that he has more than 61 million birr and 8 million birr from Mesobe Cement.

Officials have confirmed that Woyane will get support from these institutions by the conflict that is going on in Ethiopia.

It is possible to know that the attorney of the 34 financial institutions have started the establishment of the 34 financial institutions account.