Eid Mewlid al Nebyi celebrated all over Eritrea

Asmara, 20 November 2018- Eid Mawlid Al-Nebi was colorfully celebrated across the nation today, 20 November.

At the observance at the Al- Khulafae Al-Rashidin Mosque in which Ministers, senior Government and PFDJ officials, members of the Diplomatic Corps, religious leaders as well as a number of the faithful took part, Mr. Mohammed-Seid Beshir, Chairman of the Awkaf in Asmara, gave briefing on the historical background of the celebration and indicated that the observance of this year is unique for it is celebrated at the time of the peace prospect prevailing in the region.

Managing director of the Eritrean Mufti, Sheik Salm Ibrahim Al-Muktar on his part said that the celebration of this year’s Eid Al-Mawlid makes special for it coincided with the signing of peace and cooperation between Eritrea and the neighboring countries and with the lifting of the unwarranted sanctions that has been imposed against Eritrea for the last nine years. Sheik Salm also commended the people and Government of Eritrea for the steadfastness and resilience they demonstrated.

The Eid-Mawlid celebration was highlighted by spiritual performances.

Eid Mewlid al Nebyi celebrated all over #Eritrea. Speaking on the occasion at Asmara’s Grand Mosque, Executive Director of Mufti’s Office, Sheikh Salim Ibrahim congratulated the people & Government of Eritrea for the lifting of sanctions in the wake of historic peace agreement