ERITREA News Bi-Weekly Newsletter

ERI-News Bi-Weekly Newsletter of Permanent Mission of the State of Eritrea to AU and UNECA Press Section | Addis Abeba Ethiopia

The 62nd issue of Eri-News, dated 04 February 2017.

Articles featured in this issue:

*1. **President Isaias Elaborated on Eritrea’s Developmental Plan and
Position on Key Regional and Global Issues *

*2. **Senior Eritrean Delegation Conducted a Visit to the Russian

*3. **Eritrea and Colluli Mining Company Sign Agreement*

*4. **Eritrean Delegation Participated at the **28th AU Summit*

*5. **Eritrean Mining Sector: A Model to African Countries *

*6. **Indian Ocean Newsletter: Peddling False News on Eritrea*

*7. **Status of the Harvest this Year*

||| Eri-News Issue 62

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