Good News from Asmara, Fake news regarding US Embassy in Asmara

It seems that some people are reacting with extreme concern (frenzy?) about a message yesterday from the US Embassy in Asmara, which said (in part):

“The Embassy received reports today that neighborhood wardens in some areas of Asmara, at the instruction of Eritrean government officials, have advised residents to remain indoors this evening.”

Some important points to keep in mind. This is not because Eritrea is suddenly facing a major and considerable threat or on the verge of being attacked. Rather, recall that yesterday reports were coming in that Bahir Dar was being targeted by TPLF rockets.

Additionally, based on historical precedent and recent events (i.e., its growing desperation), it is not unreasonable to believe that the TPLF could resort to again launching rockets at Eritrea. Thus, it is only natural and logical that Eritrea take appropriate precautionary steps and measures to protect its citizens.

This is what functioning, stable governments are supposed to do. Every single day, governments around the world raise security/alert levels and implement different measures in response to possible threats.

Of course, the fact that Eritrea has taken this step actually pokes massive holes in the narratives peddled by some (that it is failed/non-functioning/weak, etc.). And, finally, keep in mind that, in many ways, being unable or unwilling to recognize risks and take an appropriate response could be regarded as a great(er) worry.

In the end: Ajokum. Alena.

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