196 students receive “Indemaso award” in Eritrea

196 students receive “Indemaso award”

Mendefera, 20 February 2017- At a ceremony held in Mendefera on 18 February, 196 students in the southern region who demonstrated excellence in the 8th grade general national exam have received “Indemaso Award of Excellence”.

The awardees constitute from 24 Junior schools in the Southern region who scored above 80% in the national examination.

Mr. Ghirmai Ghebru, head of NUEYS branch in the Southern region, said that the primary objective of the award program is to encourage and motivate the students to become competent in their r academic carrier.

Mr. Hbtzghi Kidane, head of Education Ministry’s branch in the Southern region, on his part called on the awardees to demonstrate such excellence throughout their cadmic carrier.

The students on their part expressed that “Indemaso Award of Excellence” will motivate them become competent in their education and commended their parents and teachers for the strong support they extended to enable them achieve this level of success.

In a speech he delivered, Mr. Salih Ahmedin, Chairperson of the NUEYS, explained that academic and professional skill upgrading courses will continue in an enhanced manner and reaffirmed that the NUEYS will exert level best effort towards that end

Indemaso Award of Excellence for 8th grade students was introduced before three years with the collaboration of NUEYS and Education Ministry’s branch in the southern region.