Audio : Two Lives: A True Story of Tebereh Tesfahuney

Tebereh Tesfahuney ‘s Two Lives

A True Story

ታሪኽ ሂወት ድምጻዊት ተበርህ ተስፋሁነይ፡ ሓምለ 1994 | ጸሕፊ: ደራሲ ቢንያም የስየፍ | ኣንባቢ: ተስፊት የውሃንስ

Short Biography

At the age of 16, Tebereh Tesfahunegn (sometimes spelled Tesfahuney) joined MaTA in 1963 as dancer and later a singer. Aside from her voice, she will always be remembered for “Tegezana abi hedmo” (‘Our lovely house” is infested with bedbugs and fleas – a criticism of the Ethiopian occupation), one of her famous songs censured in the mid-1960s. Having joined the Eritrean resistance in 1975, she was seriously wounded in 1978 in the battle of Adi-Hawsha. Until she passed away on March 1, 2007, she lived about 40 kilometres outside Asmara, where she runs a bar named “Ab Hedmo”, after her favorite song. Asres Tessema, co-founder of MaTA and His Group were backing Tebereh.

The Legendary Eritrean singer and veteran fighter Tebereh Tesfahuney passed away on March 1st 2007. Funeral services was held on March 3, 2007 at Martyr’s Cemetery in Asmara.