[VIDEO] BANATOM : Effort to satisfy local market in Eritrea

BANATOM : Effort to satisfy local market

Barentu, 05 March 2018- The BANATOM tomato processing factory is exerting strong effort to satisfy the local market. The comment was made by Lt. Col. Tekie Woldu, manager of the factory.

Indicated that the factory receives daily five thousand quintals of tomato from the agricultural projects of Adi-Omar, Fanco-Tsimu, Gerset and Molever for processing, Lt. Col. Tekie said that the factory has created employment opportunity for the residents in the area.

The head of Technical Service at the Eritrean Crops and Livestock Corporation, Sgt. Mohammed Abdella commending the good working relationship between the veteran workers of the factory with the newly assigned technicians said that the factory is increasing tomato paste production and supply the local market with fair price.

Banatom factory is banana and tomato processing factory established in 2011 and is located in Alebu, the Gash Barka region. The factory is making significant contribution in creating employment opportunities and nurturing skilled man power.