British Eritrean Community present a letter and petitions to the Office of the Prime Minister Theresa

BECON present a letter together with a petition signed by 3985 people to the Office of the Prime Minister Theresa May!

A delegation led by Ahmed Mohammed Mahmud, chairman of British Eritrean Community Organisation & Network (BECON) present a letter together with a petition signed by 3985 people to the Office of the Prime Minister Theresa May at Downing Street No10 on Thursday 2nd February 2017.

The purpose of the Petition is to remind the British Government and Prime Minister Theresa May.

1.To call, as generations of Eritreans have done before, for the cycle of historic injustices against Eritrea to end.

2.To call for the guarantors of the Algiers Agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia to shoulder their legal responsibilities and take necessary measures to force Ethiopia to vacate the occupied Eritrean territories.

3.To call on the UNSC to annul and repeal the unjust and unfair sanctions imposed on Eritrea.

4.To call on the British Government, as a permanent member of the UNSC, to play its responsible role in pressuring Ethiopia to abide by its treaty obligations.

Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Mahmud, conveyed clear and direct message of the growing anger and frustration felt by Eritreans from all walks of life as a result of the injustices that the people have been subjected to. He explained how British policy has directly contributed to the abuse of basic human rights of the Eritrean people, citing specific examples. He noted, with great sadness, that this has been the case historically and called on the Foreign Office to rectify its policy towards Eritrea. Mr. Ahmed Mohammed, also highlighted the absurdity of the sanctions imposed against Eritrea, the known political motives of the controversial figure heading the Monitoring Group and the lack of morality of the British Government in relation to the arms sales to Ethiopia while imposing an arms embargo against Eritrea in blatant violation of its right to defend itself against unprovoked attacks.

He said: we are here to remind Prime Minister Teresa May, that 14 years after the rulings of the Boundary Commission, Ethiopia still continues to occupy sovereign Eritrean territory in violation of the Algiers Agreement, a final and binding international arbitration verdict, various international laws and several Security Council resolutions. Prime Minister of Britain’s legal obligations as a guarantor of the Algiers Agreement and called on her to ensure Ethiopia’s compliance with its international treaty obligations and UNSC resolutions and withdraw from occupied Eritrean territory. He continued that the Prime Minister to call for the annulment of the unjust Security Council sanctions imposed on Eritrea and redouble the government’s effort for the establishment of a comprehensive peace in the Horn of Africa. BECON Chairman, Mr. Ahmed Mohammed. also urged the British Government to shoulder its responsibility as a member of the European Union and as a permanent member of the Security Council and take measures to ensure that the final and binding decision of the Boundary Commission is implemented.

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London 08/02/2017