The Chargé d’affaires of the Eritrean Embassy in Sudan, Mr Ibrahim Idris, held press conference

The Chargé d’affaires of the Eritrean Embassy in Sudan, Mr Ibrahim Idris, held press conference with representatives of Sudanese media at the Eritrean Embassy premises on the 15th of August 2017. The press conference was attended by a number of Sudanes journalists from major newspapers such as Al-Intabah, al-Rai Al-Am, Akhir Lahza and Al-Sayaha.

During this press conferenence Mr. Ibrahim touched upon a number of issues such as the comprehensive development proceses that have been taking place throughout Eritrea and myriad achievements that were realized since the independence in the area of infrastructure and especially in harvesting and conserving water through the construction of dams and expansion of cultivated land. furthermore, the Eritrean chargé d’affairs pointed out that the government of Eritrea has been developing the human resource capacities of the country by expanding Education and building specialized colleges and vocational/technical training centers. similarly, the Eritrean diplomat pointed out, the government has been working hard to provide social services in endeavors at achieve social juctice.

He also discussed Eritrea’s expansion and openness in the area foreign relations through proactive diplomacy in a bid to have relations based on mutual partnership. Moreover, Mr Ibrahim Idris highlighted on the international community’s failure to put pressure on Ethiopia to abide by and implement the verdict of the international court of justice and force it to withdraw from the sovereign land of Eritrea that it is illegally occupying. He also critcized the scilence of the international community on the the Ethiopian regime’s subversive and destabilizing role in the region.

Additionally, he touched on the Eritrean and Sudan relations beside the people-to-people relation that created conducive ground to have promising relationships noting to the role of the Eritrean community in sudan strengthening the fraternal ties between the two sisterly countries, describing the role played by the Eritrean community as “the bridge of the popular solidarity.”

Furthermore, the Eritrean Chargé d’Affaires said that the some Sudanese confuse the identity of Eritrean and other nationalites which causes some problems. he also elaborated on the recent inscription of Asmara into UNESCO’s World Heritage list as a triumph for the Eritrean people and its rich cultural heritage as enrichment of the world heritage and victory for the continent which will contruibute for rasing its low representation in UNESCO’s world heritage list. He affirmed that the entry of Asmara to the world heritage will play a major role in reviving the tourism sector in Eritrea and will make Asmara as destionation for many foreign tourists interested in the world heritage and invited the Sudanese to visit Asmara.