Conversation with Efrem Kahsay the winner of Gold at IndieFEST Film Awards

‘ZIENA EREFTI’ (Eritrea) won Gold at IndieFEST Film Awards
Efrem Kahsay Quada (Eritrea), The Bad News, Film Short

Efrem Kahsay ‘Wedi Quada’, is an Eritrean, Director, Producer, Writer and Filmmaker.
He is considered one of the founding pioneers of the New EriWood Film era and one of the most popular directors and producers in Eritrean film history.

Efrem started in Asmara directing drama and several minor theatrical releases.
He became a household name as the director of d rama, short movies and stage theatres which was critically and commercially successful and is considered one of the top producers. Efrem Kahsay ‘Wedi Quada’ new short movie ‘ZIENA EREFTI’ won gold at IndieFEST Film Awards.

Congratulation to Efrem Kahsay and his entire team. It’s an honour to have won the IndieFEST Film Award.

It’s highly motivating for filmmakers such us Efrem Kahsay to be recognized on a global platform.

The IndieFest promotes award winners through press releases to over 40.000 filmmakers and industry contacts as well as additional global media/distribution outlets.
Efrem Kahsay is one of Eritrea most successful filmmakers with praise for his directing talent and versatility has won nationally awards for best directing.

Some of his production are also among the highest-creative of all time in Eritrea.
I wish him all the best and moving on to a new stage can be challenging process,
but I wish him the best of luck in all of his future endeavours, you will be great.