Delighted to receive and finally get to meet Sophia Tesfamariam, Philip Jada

By Sophia Tesfamariam @ FB

Yesterday, at the Embassy of South Sudan in Washington, DC. I had the pleasure and honor of meeting with Ambassador Philip Jada. He is a familiar face, as he had served as the representative of South Sudan in Eritrea for 7 years. We chatted briefly about the positive developments in the Horn region and the Eritrea Ethiopia peace.

During my visit, he introduced me to Ms. Jehan Deng, a very active South Sudanese who is also familiar with Eritrea. She told me that she remembers Ambassador Girma Asmerom very fondly, as someone who was of great help to the South Sudan Mission as it was being established in DC after independence.

Jehan was part of the team that established the diplomatic mission of the government of Southern Sudan to the United States of America, and has held several administrative offices within the diplomatic mission. She was a member of the team that oversaw and supervised the vote of the Southern Sudanese Diaspora in the USA .She also served in her country as State Minister for Health and Environment.

Jehan is the founder and board member of the South Sudan Women Empowerment Network, and is also a member of The Council of Women World Leaders Forum,

Will continue to engage with Jehan and other South Sudanese in the USA as we expand our Horn of Africa friendship circles. She and I talked about working together on issues of mutual interest to our communities, especially with women. I have a lot to learn from her.