ERITREA : EidAl-Adha Celebration

ERITREA : Eid Al-Adha Celebration

Asmara, 2 September 2017 – Eid Al-Adha Al Mubarek, Hejira Year 1438, was celebrated yesterday nationwide.

Senior government and PFDJ officials, religious leaders and thousands of the faithful participated in the event at Bahti Meskerem Square here in the capital. Salat led by Sheik Ibrahim Al Muktar, Managing Director of the Office of the Mufti, was conducted.

Sheik Salim Ibrahim explained that this year’s Eid Al-Mubarek celebration is unique for it coincided with September 1, the beginning of the armed struggle for Eritrean independence. He also gave briefing on the historical background of the celebration.

Sheik Salim called on the faithful to practise mutual cooperation and extend a helping hand to the needy in addition to manifesting mutual affection and spirit of harmony. He further wished the Eritrean people including members of the Defense Forces peace and prosperity.