[ERITREA] German Group of Surgeons Conduct Cardiac Surgery

German Group of Surgeons Conduct Cardiac Surgery

A Germany group of surgeons is conducting cardiac surgeries with the assistance of local physicians at Orotta Referral Hospital for children from 12-14 years of age.

The Head of Pediatrics at the hospital, Professor Tsegereda Gebrehiwot, said that no cardiac
surgeries were carried out in Eritrea before 2002 and that patients were compelled to go
abroad for treatment. Over the past 15 years however, through the program the Ministry of Health in cooperation with German doctors initiated, cardiac surgeries are conducted four times a year. She added that free cardiac surgeries have been conducted on about 1,600 children.

Stating that tonsil can cause heart related diseases, Prof. Tsegereda commended the National Blood Transfusion Center and the National Association of Voluntary Blood Donors for the support they made towards the success of the surgeries.

The cardiac surgery will continue until 28 April at the Orotta Referral Hospital.