[ERITREA] Halay Technical School graduates 52 students

Halay Technical School graduates 52 students

Asmara, 30 June 2018- Halay Technical School has graduated 52 students on 29 June with diploma in steel work, computer maintenance and networking.

The Director of the school, Mr. Raguel Tekle, called on the graduates to apply the training they were provided practically on the ground.

Indicating that the graduates are the result of the huge investment the Government is making in education, Mr. Tesfai Seyum, D. G. of Technical and Vocational Education at the Ministry of Education, called on the graduates to live up to the expectations of the people that provided them the opportunity.

The representative of the graduates on his part expressed appreciation for the opportunity they were provided and expressed readiness to play due part in the nation building process.

The Halay Technical School located in Asmara is graduating students for the 6th commencement.