Eritrea has made vigorous effort to Control Communicable Diseases

Effort to Control Communicable Diseases

Asmara, 4 march 2017 – An integrated effort is being made to control communicable diseases, Dr. Araya Berhane, the head of communicable diseases control at the Ministry of Health, said.

Dr. Araya explained that in the past 15 years Eritrea has made rigorous effort to achieve one of the Millennium Goals to “Reducing Communicable Diseases by More than Half”. He further said that sustainable follow up is being conducted in case of their re-occurrence.

The significant reduction in the prevalence of malaria, HIV/AIDS and TB attests to the integrated efforts made in the past, Dr. Araya reiterated.

Dr. Araya also said that the distribution of impregnated bed nets, spraying malaria repellent, environmental sanitation as well as sustainable awareness raising programs were the main factors for the reduction of malaria prevalence. The peer-group influence, developed awareness of the youth as well as sustainable follow-up and medication to people living with HIV/AIDS were also the instruments pursued to mitigate the prevalence of HIV/AIDS.

Dr. Araya finally called on the public to immediately report to a nearby medical facility in case of the occurrence of any kind of communicable disease and seek medication.