Eritrean Athletes will participate at the Great Ethiopian Run 2018, Tomorrow

Eritrean Athletes will participate at the Great Ethiopian Run 2018 Tomorrow. Nov 18, 2018 Addis Ababa Ethiopia

The 18th edition TOTAL Great Ethiopian Run will have a team lead by a medical director for the first time in 18 years.

Press Release November 16, 2018

October 27 – Taking the experience from the world’s biggest races on the preparation for a race day medical care for people who might need it the Great Ethiopian Run has now finalized preparation for the day.

It is known that every year the Great Ethiopian Run tries to bring new components to the race day to make sure it’s participants are happy and enjoy the race more. On the exhibition center where participants get their t-shirts for the race from 15 to 17 November there will be a free medical service for volunteers who wants to have a basic medical check before the race day.

In addition, for any incidents to happen on race day there will be fully equipped ambulances with nurses and specialist Doctors who has an ample experience in handling such occasions. There will be tents every 500 m with full first aid kits and nurses. On the start/finish area and around the water station there will be a team of a head nurse; a doctor and a defibrillator ready for use. For this purpose Black lion; Zewditu; Bete-zata; Haleluya; Legehar; Balcha; keti st/ Gebreal; Land mark Hospital and Meshualekiya clinic will be on duty for the day.

The Strategic & Innovations Manager Dagmawit Amare said ‘the Great Ethiopian Run works really hard to bring new & innovative things to the race; and this year working in collaboration with the related stakeholders will bring new medical care to the race’’.

The 18th TOTAL Great Ethiopian Run will be held on 18 November 2018 with a total of 44,000 participants.